Rugged and Built to Last . . .
Sturdy and Weather-Proof . . .
Hardy Colorimeters from Senware

Easy to Install Devices; Maintenance-Free Too

Senware’s family of colorimeters are essentially  diode arrays that are easy to install. Hence, they do not need lots of training. Senware can train an operator on how to use the equipment in under an hour.

The on-line colorimeter, the CR100FF, is rugged and can be mounted anywhere. On the other hand, spectrophotometers demand special considerations based on the location. CR100FF color analyzers are durable, easy to install and use, and maintenance free. They are guaranteed to work for years together. They can withstand hot or corrosive environments. CR100FFs are sturdy enough to resist jarring collisions or knocks.

Their components are solid state with no moving parts. Installation is complete once the calibration tile is set up for the required “L” value.

Head to Head: Colorimeters
vs Spectrophotometers

Senware colorimeters, including the on-line CR100FF, are different from spectrophotometers. The latter measures the entire spectrum of colors, whereas colorimeters use only “slices” of those regions for measurement.

As a result, colorimeter measurements are less precise. But absolute precision isn’t important in a production line where all that matters is the average color. Spectrophotometers are a luxury in a line where a color analyzer will do the job at a fraction of the cost.

Colorimeters can do up to 30 readings a second. Their quick and sturdy nature make them highly desirable. They are the right choice not only for products that are under sensor beam for a very short time (e.g., crackers/biscuits), but also for continuous products like building materials.