Cost savings, zero waste, and high productivity with Senware's unique gauges

Senware’s CR100 family of colorimeters boasts of several unique features that deliver healthy cost savings, eliminate waste, and boost productivity. Let’s look at them one by one starting with cost savings.

Unmatched Cost Savings from Senware’s Family of Solid State Colorimeters

Here’s a Quick Peek at the Ways in Which We Offer You That Price Edge


Price range — $5,000–$15,000
Instant color analysis
No other product in this price band


Easy to operate
No technician required


30 samples per second
High level of production control
Captures color trends

Neat Solution for Runaway Prices

The price of devices in the CR100 family are in the $5,000–$15,000 range. No other product in the market can do instant color analysis in this price band. Spectrophotometers are usually installed in plant laboratories. But there are high-end spectrophotometers mounted on the production line that provide instant color analysis. They cost $65,000–$200,000 apiece. Small-and medium-sized businesses cannot afford such expensive equipment. Hence, we have introduced the CR100 colorimeters at a much lower price point to satisfy an unmet need in the market.

Cost Savings from Simplicity

CR100 products do not require the service of specialists. But specialists are needed to run and calibrate spectrophotometers. This too adds to the savings of CR100 customers. CR100 customers are able to instantly see whether production is within color specifications. If not, they can make quick changes to control processes. This reduces customer costs and allows them to produce more.

Always on Means High Returns

CR100 color analyzers give users a high degree of control over production. They can measure up to 30 samples every second. In manufacturing, continuous measurements by colorimeters and their ability to capture color trends are highly valued and leads to cost savings for customers. On the other hand, expensive spectrophotometers are used where precision is most important. In manufacturing, however, absolute precision isn’t so important.

Waste Reduction and Productivity Gains Add to the Allure of Our Devices

Continuous measurement, histograms, and trend mapping put Senware in a league of its own

Waste Manager

Allows changes on the fly
Measures continuously
Minimizes pollution

Productivity Champ

Plots color trends
Detects out-of-spec color
Provides shift reports

ROI Enabler

Gains from trimming waste
Savings from higher productivity
Benefits from low maintenance

Senware CR100 FF online colorimeters — installed outside the customer oven, tumbler, or oiling bar — allow changes on the fly. Operators can reset oven temperatures, adjust line speeds, or modify seasoning based on the color measurements on display. Senware color analyzers are unique in their ability to eliminate waste through continuous measurement. Customers find that the cost savings from elimination of waste alone is enough to recoup the investment. Often, the ROI (calculated as net income/total investment * 100) is realized in the very first year of investment.

ROI Gains from Zero Waste Focus

Senware colorimeters’ ability to  plot color trends graphically using the Colotura grading software directly boosts productivity. How does it work? Our colorimeters rate out-of-spec color as either too dark or light. This allows operators to ensure production stays within limits. Senware colorimeters also provide shift reports. The software displays color measurement in each eight-hour shift in the form of histograms. They specify how much production in each shift was out of spec (say, undercooked or burnt food). Shift reports help operators to make changes and boost productivity.

Productivity Boost via Data Mining

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