Our Process Solutions


CR100 FF Process Color Meter

The on-line CR100FF monitors the color of process variables directly above the product. The sensor analyses the returned white light and determines the L* a* b* values (or other color components). The optional operator interface displays this color on a graphical display. The outputs are available to plant control via analog, or field bus options.

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At-Line and Laboratory Color Analyzer with Rotating Turntable

The CR100LG Can be used for quality control in a wide variety of industrial processes, providing fast accurate results every time….
The CR100LG Bench is rugged, simple to use and highly reliable on the factory floor or quality control lab.

Simple, Easy, Reproducible Results

  • Fill sample dish to constant volume
  • Place dish on to Turntable
  • Dish automatically rotates
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Read color value

Sample Preparation
Many products require no sample preparation.  The rotating dish permits the CR100LG to average a large color surface with hundreds of measurements within 10 seconds display of measurement.  

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Liquids Color Analyzer

  • CR100LB -FFA  Free Fatty Acid (FFA) Measurement Analyzer
  • CR100LB-W Wine color analyzer



Hand Held Portable Color Meter

CR100HH Hand held is a revolutionary color monitoring device to use on the go. Key Features:

  • Bright touch screen LCD
  • Compact, light weight and portable
  • Rugged construction
  • Simple to use
  • Rugged construction
  • Long Life Battery/USB rechargable
  • Download data to PC via USB

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