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Food (General)

Food(General) Food is one of the most important challenges to harvest, produce and distribute in the World Today.  Consumer product selections are influenced by product presentation including product color.  Uniform consistent color is important in the manufacture and presentation of food. With our Food Grading Software you can create graphic production shift or lot reports. …

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Chemicals and Minerals (General)

Chemicals and Minerals (General) Chemicals and minerals require tight color ranges for end user.   Chemical  Slurry Whiteness Measurement Calcium Carbonate  Titanium Dioxide Ceramics Detergents Additives Pigments Plastic pellets: Nylon, Polyethelyne, Polypropelyene, PVC, PTFE


Wine Many winemakers use color analysis to characterize wine quality and consistency between batches or vintages, allowing for the grading of wines. Control of additives during the clarification process and identifying problems such as contamination or degree of fermentation are additional uses of color analysis. Measurements are usually taken during crush and at regular intervals …

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