Color Hue Saturation Brightness

CIE a b Color Scale

Hue, Saturation, and Brightness

Hue is the fundamental Color itself such as Red, Green, Blue

Saturation is the shade of the Color typically 0-100%

Brightness is how light or dark the color presents

Each individual or plant operator sees color differently, which is why the CR100FF Colorimeter is important to maintain the targeted color in production. Manipulating Hue, Saturation and Brightness allow us to create a host of colors from the basic Primary and Secondary Colors.


Our eyes see color in Light waves, with the Primary Colors being Red, Green, and Blue.

Yellow Color

Mixing Red and Green creates yellow.


Mixing Red and Blue Creates Magenta.


Mixing Blue and Green Creates Cyan.

White Light

Mixing equal parts of Red, Green and Blue Creates White light


The CR100FF Color Meter measures L* a* and b* to ensure repeatable product color by eliminating the subjective observation of human operators.

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