ICUMSA Sugar Color Process

ICUMSA Sugar Measurement

Sugar ICUMSA Color Measurement

The CR100FF Process Color Analyzer measures both refined white sugar and raw brown sugar with separate product codes/calibrations. 

Refined sugar color is typically measured on the ICUMSA color scale which looks at the color of sugar dissolved in water.  The method does not measure the whiteness of the solution but instead the yellowness of the solution.  For highly refined white sugars, there are trace amounts of yellowness from the presence of trace amounts of molasses left over from the refining process or the aging of glucose into diglycerides.

The Senware ICUMSA CR100FF unit measures the b* value of the CIE L*a*b* widely accepted standards and converts to ICUMSA values with a better than 0.95 correlation while making process measurements.  Eliminating delays for lab results and increasing production and quality products!

Additional justification for Lab and At-line Usage

No sample preparation with solutions.  Simple direct immediate solid measurement. 

Sugar Color Measurement Video Click Here!

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