Free Fatty Acid (FFA) Oil Measurement

Colorimeters Can Measure FFA

Colorimeters can measure FFA! The aging of cooking oil due to usage, heat, hydrolysis, and contaminants requires frequent testing to determine when to change or meld the cooking oil as FFA increases in the oil. High levels of FFA result in poor quality product, taste, texture, and appearance.

Chemical, capacitance, and other lab methods offer low-cost investment, but require ongoing consumable costs and lab tech processing.

Senware FFA Analyzer measures the L Value of color and calibrates to FFA Value. The operator simply fills the reusable sample cell, inserts the sample cell into the analyzer, presses Measure and a large font value is displayed. If desired, the data can be stored locally or on a network. Cells can be simply washed and reused with no ongoing consumable costs. And at a faster measurement cycle!

Oil for fried potatoes and fried meats will have separate Callibration Product names, as the Mallard Reaction of the different proteins being fried causes a different color calibration.

Accurate, Simple to use  … insert sample, press button. No consumables! No special skills to operate.

Process Measurement sample slide systems are available upon request.

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