Slurry Whiteness Measurement


The application is to measure the color, particularly  the whiteness in slurry solutions of such minerals as  Calcium Carbonate, Clay etc. The problem is to present the liquid in such a way that the instrument can  make the measurement . Looking through a sample  window can be problematic due to contamination and  damage to the window. The solution is to have a small  open section of pipe, approximately 100mm in diameter and 50 mm high, that is fed from the bottom and


The Senware color system typically reads color in  the widely accepted CIE L* a* b* standard (other  scales possible). These results can be converted to 4 – 20 mA signals for each of the L, a and b signals for  each sensor, or read across an industrial bus solution  such as Ethernet/IP etc.  

Graphical representation of the data is also available as  an option.

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