Tortilla Manufacturing and Color Quality

Tortillas are a fast-growing consumer favorite in colors from pale white, yellow, red and bluish purple. Tortillas are typically made from corn maize, wheat flour or a corn-cactus combination known as nopaltilla. While the maize kernels naturally come in these colors tortilla manufacturers often add color to better meet consumer expectations.  

Cilantro or spinach extract added to the masa will cause a green color.  Beet extract addition will cause a pink/red color. Turmeric extract addition will yield a yellow color. Addition of anthocyanins will yield a blue color.  Some companies will add dyes such as Red 40, Yellow 6 or other to enhance the natural colors to better attract consumers.

Senware CR100FF Process Color Meter allows Tortilla manufacturers the ability to measure color on-line and optimize the color process.  The CR100FF will measure only the tortilla color and not be impacted by gaps between tortillas. 

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